Comet is pleased to share the installation of the new maxi logo on the north front of the production plant located in Via Fogliano Traversa I, 12 in Coccaglio (BS).
Following the merger by incorporation of Laborsil into the controlling company on June 1st, 2018, Comet decided to ratify this important step with the updating of the corporate brand and of all the corporate image.
The new logo “Comet – Compounder of Innovation” takes inspiration from the historical one, represented by the already known “C” composed of three arrows, updated and integrated with simple and innovative elements: three curved lines with modern and elegant colors.
The pay-off “Compounder of Innovation”, in English, shows the increasingly international vocation of the company. Innovation is the key element of the new Comet: the high level of automation, the always excellent quality standard, the qualification of Industry 4.0 are the strengths that have allowed and still allow the growth and the success of Comet in the global market.