COMET has always dedicated itself to the production of elastomeric compounds for various applications and industrial sectors, establishing itself as a leader in the field of organic rubber and silicone compounds.


Established in 1980, COMET is an efficient and quality partner for customers, suppliers and operators in the sector, providing cutting-edge solutions in various industrial sectors, from automotive to domestic appliances, from the construction sector to the gas and water sector, from the mining industry to the shoe industry.


COMET enters the silicones market in 2016 and inherits the undisputed Laborsil’s technical know-how.

Even before the merger for incorporation the Bergamo plant, now moved to the headquarter in Coccaglio, reknown for the very high quality of the bases and the variety of the components, operated within sectoral market niches and over the years it has managed to identify itself and stand out thanks to the peculiarity of the range of compounds developed in cooperation with the customer.

In fact, the offer of compounds satisfies the most demanding requirements also in terms of color: compact silicones from 10 to 95 Shore A, sponge rubber compounds from 0.35 to 0.80 g/cm3 with peroxy or platinum catalysis suitable for any processing system and suitable for different application sectors (electrical, medical, food, building, automotive, etc.); peroxy fluorosilicones from 25 to 80 Shore A and PVMQ (phenyl) mainly used in the military and nuclear fields.

The innovation that has always distinguished Comet is the basis of the new integration project between the historical reality that produces organic compounds and the younger (but highly-skilled!) silicones division. The objective of the new investment is to make a technological leap aimed at expressing the still unexpressed “Laborsil potential”: increase in quality consistency, productivity and, consequently, affirmation of the new positioning among the top players in an increasingly competitive market.